Our Vineyard

Gadino Cellars Vineyard

Winter pruning operations are well underway in the vineyard.  We accomplish pruning in two steps - a "rough" pass thru the vines where we remove about two-thirds of the wood from the cordons or canes.  This "rough" pass has been completed and we are now in the process of the final pass where two bud spurs are left along cordons or we choose two canes for cane pruned vines.  We also make this final pass in reverse order of "bud" break meaning we save the Chardonnay (earliest bud break) for last.  The strategy employed here is that these vines will be putting all their energy into healing the pruning wounds vice breaking bud.  We can delay bud break up to 10 days in this manner which oftentimes saves us from late frost damage. We are also tightening trellis wires, repairing posts and checking irrigation lines - YES, a lot of work but that's what it takes to grow TOP QUALITY WINES!

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