Our Philosophy

Like our Italian Grandfathers before us, we believe that growing and making wine on our own land with our own hands is the most sustainable way to create high quality local wines for our community to enjoy around the table.

We believe in the tradition of a small market place where people can buy fresh and buy local. Our grapes are sustainably farmed on our land and travel by tractor to the winery during harvest.

Using modern equipment with minimal processing our wines are clean and fresh avoiding heavy preservation methodologies that are typically used by large production wineries who ship their wines around the world. Similar to local sustainable farming that delivers us fresh meats and vegetables, we provide fresh wine with a small carbon footprint to put on your table. 

In this tradition, with your continuous support, we are able to create quality wines each vintage year and give back by donating to our local communities.

Wine writer Eric Asimov wrote this perspective as a reason to buy local. 

“I am a locavore, but I don’t believe in supporting local just for the sake of being local,” he said. “The quality has to be there. If it is, then I want to support it, and quality will drive the growth in the region.”

That, in the end, is the best rationale of all for buying local wines.

Not because they come from up the road or across the state, but because the producers are farming well, making wine sensitively and offering wines that are good and distinctive. This, ultimately, is wine’s greatest contribution to community and cuisine.

That fits our philosophy rather well. We believe we grow and create our wines with attention to superlative quality year over year. Our customers tell us this year round. They support our endeavors.

Interested? Try our wines. "Taste the Tradition"