End of Quarterly Re-order Period and New Program

In honor of Martin Luther King jr., we are extending the re-order period to January 20th. Don’t forget to come pick up your quarterly shipment and any other bottles for 25% off.

We are excited to announce, starting in 2020, a new program. We will be featuring one Library wine per Month. For January we will be featuring the 2010 Nebbiolo, a 2013 Governor’s Cup Gold Medal Winner.

January Library Tasting

For the entire month of January we will be showcasing one of our Library wines: 2010 Nebbiolo (recently featured in our Nebbiolo Vertical event)

In addition to our regular tasting, for $4 enjoy a taste of the 2010 Nebbiolo (2013 Governors Cup Gold Medal Winner) as well as our 2013 Finale dessert wine. We will also be offering the 2010 Nebbiolo by the glass ($13) and for bottle purchase at $47/bottle (regular club discounts apply)


2010 Nebbiolo: A delightful and wonderfully aged Nebbiolo, the aroma greets with cherry and hints of tea leaf, and the palate is smooth and bright, with well integrated tannins, leading to a lengthy dry finish.

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